About Katie
Katie Klein was born and raised in Shaker Heights, Ohio and graduated from Indiana University with a very practical degree in film and media studies and a minor in psychology.

She then moved to our nation's capital and fell in love with improv. She began performing in Washington DC, with iMusical at the Washington Improv Theater and with friends at the DC Improv. Wanting more of this creative art form, she moved to Chicago! She trained at iO and Second City and now finds herself lucky enough to make a career out of this.

She loves performing and teaching improv around the country and also on the internet. She is a recent alumni of the Second City e.t.c stage, writing and performing in two reviews: Fantastic Super Great Nation Numero Uno, and previously A Red Line Runs Through It. She also performed every Wednesday at iO with her pals in The Late 90’s and Virgin Daiquiri and at the Annoyance Theatre on Tuesday nights with her sisters in Super Human until March 2020 when things went…virtual? Luckily she spends her days and nights with her incredible husband Neil so they can still work on their two person improv show Ed and Kath.

She owns and operates The Shalom Collaboration and Super Human Collective and independently you can hire her (she would love it!) to write copy, direct your show, teach improv to your company, coworkers and friends, perform in a show or be a guest at your Zoom happy hour. She loves to mingle!