"Katie is a sharp, thoughtful and warm improv teacher. Katie presents her notes as fun suggestions and really guides you toward developing your own style, rather than imparting a rigid concept of what is 'correct.' Cannot recommend her more highly!"

- Caleb - iO student

"I had a wonderful experience with Katie as a teacher. She is joyous and confident in her teaching style. She makes everyone in the room feel safe and supported. This allows her to push her students past their perceived boundaries. I tried things in her class that made me so nervous, but also quite empowered once I'd done it. Katie makes everyone feel like they are talented and have boundless potential. Her notes and lessons show she really gets to know each of her students, but they are not so specific that they cannot be applied to future experiences. I would absolutely recommend having Katie as a teacher if you have the chance."

-Val - Chicago improvisor

"Katie is a fun facilitator! She was instrumental in helping me grow as an improviser. She provides feedback that is very specific and helpful and does so in a way that doesn't make you self-conscious but just helps you have more fun on stage. I couldn't recommend her more as a teacher."

- Danny Chicago improvisor

"If Katie Klein were the last improv instructor left on Earth, the future of the art would be in good hands. She has the gift of a teaching style that is as thought-provoking as it is accessible. Whether you are new to improv or it is old hat, you will leave her class renewed and ready to play with heart."

- Kait - improv student

"Every class I took with Katie Klein I knew I was going to be doing something I hadn't done before, I also knew I was going to be pushed and challenged as a performer. Katie made the space safe so everyone felt like they could challenge themselves and go for it. Katie taught me how to put aside my fear of embarrassing myself. And the payoff for all the hard work? The pure giggle fest that was each class. I looked forward to it every week. Who wouldn't want to scream at your classmates like muppets until you think you may pee? And then work on your craft?"

- Cody - Chicago performer

I love teaching Improv!

For improv training I teach level 3 at iO with a focus on 2 person scene work.

I teach improv workshops in Chicago and around the country with a focus on "Following the fun" and "Characters". I have taught at some awesome places like The Dallas comedy festival, The Third Coast Comedy Festival, The Improv Shop in St. Louis, Washington University in St. Louis.

I have taught improv from a range of clients including kids, Senior Citizens, non improv actors, pastors, business school students, corporate professionals, and more.

For Corporate workshops, I will work with you to create a special and engaging event focusing on creativity, fun and improv fundamentals related to a work environment like communication and collaboration, listening and yes and!

If you are interested, reach out and we can make a workshop that fits your needs!

Contact Katie